3D Printing Business

This multimedia course is designed for firms and entrepreneurs who want to build businesses in the 3D Printing Industry. Instead of focusing on design and engineering, this course discusses business (marketing, sales, finance, strategy, PR, management) and its relevance to the 3D Printing Industry. The course consists of podcasts, slideshows, videos, articles and white papers presented by 3D Printing Industry leaders.

3D Printing MBA Course Objectives

3D Printing Basics

3D Printing Basics

Acquaint the learner with the basic issues surrounding the 3D Printing business.

3D Printing Industry Pitfalls

3D Printing Industry Pitfalls

Demonstrate marketing pitfalls in the 3d printing industry.

Sales and Business Management Techniques

Sales and Business Management

Explain sales and management techniques that will enhance any company, especially those in the 3d printing business.

Business Models

Illustrate the types of business models in the space.

Multimedia Learning

Inform the learner with relevant articles, slide shows, videos and audio shows.

Marketing Strategies

Outline what elements would be in a good 3d printing strategy.

3D Printing Industry

Define obstacles to potential strategies in the 3d printing industry.

Business Strategies

Provide “how to” explanations on building sales forces, marketing departments, marketing plans and overall business strategies.

Endorsed by the Association of 3D Printing

Association of 3D Printing

Course Outline


How Does 3D Printing Work?

Who Uses 3D Printing?

What are the Issues in 3D Printing?

3D Printing Trends

Key Success Factors

Strategic Planning for 3D Printing


Marketing Plan and Marketing Blunders in 3D Printing

Sales Management Issues in 3D Printing

Budgeting and Advice for the 3D Printing Industry

Leadership Development for 3D Printing Managers

3D Printing and International Business

10 Ways a 3D Printing Firm Should Work a Trade Show

What Does Government Need to Know About 3D Printing

3D Printing Resources

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