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This course is designed for firms and entrepreneurs engaged (or wishing to engage) in the next $ Trillion industry- The 3D Printing Industry. It provides a background on the various functional areas of business and how they pertain to the 3D Printing Industry.


The learner understands enough about the 3D Printing Industry such that an explanation of “how it works” is not necessary. The learner is more interested in the business aspect of 3D Printing- Where are the opportunities? Where are the pitfalls and how to plan for and run a 3D Printing Business. Because this in an online course, learners are encouraged to work at their own pace and we suggest doing a little at a time.

Course Objectives

The objectives of this course are many:

  • Acquaint the learner with the basic issues surrounding the 3D Printing business.
  • Demonstrate marketing pitfalls in the 3d printing industry.
  • Explain sales and management techniques that will enhance any company, especially those in the 3d printing business.
  • Illustrate the types of business models in the space.
  • Inform the learner with relevant articles, slide shows, videos and audio shows.
  • Outline what elements would be in a good 3d printing strategy.
  • Define obstacles to potential strategies in the 3d printing industry.
  • Provide “how to” explanations on building sales forces, marketing departments, marketing plans and overall business strategies.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to 3D Printing
  • How does 3D Printing Work?
  • Who is (and who will be) using 3D Printing?
  • What are the main issues to consider in 3D Printing?
  • What are the trends in the 3D Printing Industry?
  • What are the Key Success Factors for, and top mistakes made by, 3D Printing firms?
  • Strategic Planning for 3D Printing companies
  • Marketing 101 for 3D Printing firms (blunders included)!
  • How to generate leads for your 3d printing project or service.>/li>
  • Sales and Sales Management for 3D Printing firms
  • How to build a budget for 3D Printing firms
  • Leadership and Management development for 3D Printing companies
  • International aspects and opportunities in 3D Printing
  • 10 Ways a 3d Printing firm should work a trade show
  • What does government need to know about 3D Printing?
  • Conclusions/Resources/Websites

Course Methodology

We try to begin each cluster with a quick introduction, a series of pertinent 1- liners, some slideshows, reports, some audio and worksheets and relevant white papers. Since learning should be fun, we try to work in some humor whenever possible. The clusters should be interesting, entertaining, informative and leave the learner with some actionable information.

Course Contributors

This course is lead by executives at the Association of 3D Printing, 3D Printing Channel and 3D Printing Ventures:
Bill Decker – A start up executive turned 3D Printing Guru.
Rich Benvin – An online business and marketing strategist specializing in 3D Printing.
Josh Jacobson – Connecting start-up 3d printing companies with VC’s and funding.
William Hall – A veteran sales professional who deals with 3D printing companies on a daily basis.
Dan Suib – Developer and facilitator of leadership/management training programs for corporate 3d printing clientele.

Get Your 3D Printing MBA!

Lifetime Access for Only $97!