3D Printing MBA Business Education The 3D printing industry has been the tech media darling for the past couple years now, as advancements in technology has brought dreams closer to realities. This has also caught the attention of the business world, too, of course. The 3D printing industry has expanded into fields, such as: DIY hobbyists, medical applications, art and architecture, and even culinary arts.

As 3D printing grows, so do the business models and industries that benefit from it. This is good news for any legal firms or business management operations, as the rules are literally being written as new capabilities and applications are realized for 3D printing. The potential for legal and ethical conflicts along the way make 3D printing business education a critical topic for any interested parties.

New Business Horizons

If technology is moving at a breakneck speed, as tech gurus lament every year, then the businesses that adopt and invest around technology are merely a nose behind, just outside the realm of reckless, usually. Take for instance the expansion of drone tech, businesses are already finding ways to make this the premier way to deliver products.

3D printing takes this concept to the next-level, by opening the door to enabling consumers to essentially download their purchases to their printers. 3D printing would be an incredible asset for many industries in this manner; education, fashion, art, manufacturing, science, medical, product testing, and more.

New Business Strategies

On the surface, you can quickly come up with ways in how 3D printing can allow companies to expedite their marketing and business strategies, like formulating a new product design, being able to see and test it, all within the same day and across international borders. Prototyping would cost so much less and move so much faster to the finished product phase.

3D printing can essentially even the playing field for smaller businesses to get a foot in the market. While 3D printers are becoming more accessible to consumers, they are essentially at the phase of being the manufacturing-equivalent to the affordable HD camera, which allowed amateur filmmakers to blossom. The only obstacle preventing businesses from taking advantage of this technology is learning how to utilize it.

3D Printing Business Education

As with any major technology breakthrough, the early bird gets the worm. So, companies should be starting to educate themselves right now on how 3D printing applies in the business world. 3D printing business courses can be taken to learn the legal and ethical applications of this technology. It is vital to understand and address the implications of current laws and court cases that pertain to 3D technology in order to get an understanding of where 3D printing technology is headed.

This is important for both investment and adoption purposes for any businesses interested in 3D printing. It won’t be long until you see 3D Printing MBA majors become as prevalent as when the internet IP technology boom occurred during the 90’s.